life is a repetition of history..that has took place long ago..that's happening right now..and will happen in future..what i something that you had experinced before..for the time that has pass..that's for sure..

life means we're free from all the feelings of and wealth are not the keys to happiness..the keys to happiness are honesty  and trust..that's the foundation..

human's natural behaviour is to make mistake..god's natural quality that we have to learn is patience..

what important is we have to be confident and have the guts to make changes..

beauty comes from within..what's the point of the pretty face it u have bad attitude?

if u fall in luv over beauty..the luv shall fade wif the fading of the beauty..

luv is being able to accept her strength and flaws..

love doesn't come easily..

to be my partner life the stars and moon.. never leave each other..i want to be something real..i want you to make it real..

of course i can't give you the stars and the moon for your heart but i can give you love and trust..

it starts with a life..end with death..we can't be sure with life..but a certainly..arranged by God..

night almost come to its also has starting to rain..the time has come for us to come back..we've travel so far..exploring those empty houses..i was so exciting to fill in those emptiness and to meet and to know the owner..i know how wonderful it feels to spend time and to be with the owner..but..i just want to go home..i've seen all the beautiful destinations..travelling with someone like you..i apologize for not being able to be there next to you..but i promise..every second that i spend here..i'll wait for you patiently..forgive me..i've to go because i love you too much..

as Rasulullah once said..a deed rests on the intention..

guidance is from God..let Him do the job..

everything God created has its purpose..

mekaceh yup sudi bace..=)